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Animal Lying Position Plush with Blanket

  • $3995

100% Adorable, 100% huggable cushion warmer! Keep yourself warm and comfortable as it comes with a blanket (150cm x 95cm); you can keep the blanket at the back of the plush and zip it!

Definitely a great and lovely gift that is bound to make the recipient extremely gleeful.

Available in various designs.

Bear: 46cm x 24cm x 36cm, 1.15kg
Cat: 46cm x 25cm x 34cm, 1.15kg
Fox: 53cm x 23cm x 35cm, 1.15kg
Penguin: 44cm x 23cm x 38cm, 1.15kg
Pig: 56cm x 24cm x 38 cm, 1.15kg

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